Of politics, Raavan and Teekhi Mirchi – Murudeshwara Temple.

Ravana, ten headed king of Lanka who overstepped his bounds quite often, caught himself in a pickle once.

It began with him trying to butter up Lord Shiva, with prayers and devotion, of-course much like Gen-Sec sucking up to Prez, there was a hidden agenda. AKA immortality through obtainment of Atma-Linga.

Naradamuni, aka Teekhi Mirchi caught onto Ravana’s plan and with the help of Blue-eyed perfect God Vishnu tricked Raavan into believing obtaining Parvathy would be more gainful for his world-domination/immortality plans.

And Raavan falls for it. Worse, when he asks for Parvathy, Lord Shiv gives her to him. His own wife, but okay it’s god so I’m keeping my mouth zipped.

#Fool me once, shame on you.

On his way back to Lanka, Teekhi Mirchi tells Raavan that he got owned, that is the Real Parvathy was in Lanka and he got a doppelganger instead.

Ravana frees supposed fake Parvathy who is real Parvathy and goes to Pathala and marries an equally cool underground but not Parvathy princess who he thinks his Parvathy.(Meanwhile I hope the real Parvathy told all these politicos off for messing with her.)

#Fool me twice, shame on me.

Now he returns to Lanka, where I’m assuming the conversation went something like-

Raavan- Mom, I got married, meet Parvathy, wife of Shiva and Raavan.

Mom- That’s fine, son. But that’s not Parvathy.

Raavan- But.

Mom- And you’re still old.

Mom- I think you got trickd son.

Raavan- .

So realizing this, he goes on an even more intense meditation bootcamp to please Shiva. But Shiva don’t care. That is until he starts cutting off his heads, very OCD about goalz in life.

Shiv restores his heads and grants him the AtmaLinga(I think it’s similar to a phallic Redbull for Gods.) on the condition that if it touches the ground, he shall take it back.

Teekhi Mirchi strikes again, adamant to not let Raavan be immortal. This time he talks to smart aleck Ganesha, to again trick Raavan into giving up AtmaLinga.

First Parvati now Ganesh. Keeping the probz within famz.

Now Raavan again starts back to homebase, navigating through lonely forests. Vishnu, controller of infinity and beyond turns dawn to fake dusk, to speed up the trickery and return to Vaikuntha in time for his Afternoon Siesta.

Dusk, signals time for daily prayers. But where to keep the Atmalinga as prayers of Raavan involve weird body contortions and he isn’t flexible enough to hold the Linga up in the air throughout.

Enter Brahmin Boy from behind the trees,

Brahmin Boy-“Sir, I’ll get that for you.”

Raavan-“Bless you son, but don’t put it down please.”

Brahmin Boy-“Uh, what if I get tired, I’m made for books and knowledge not heavy lifting, okay, I’ll strike you a deal, I’ll call your name out thrice if you don’t reply I’ll keep it down.”

Raavan-(Sweating and barely listening now cause evening is turning to night in fast forward and optimal time for prayer is ending) Whatever you do don’t put that down, I’m a demon king, if you cross me then I’ll get you BBQ’d.

Guess who Brahmin Boy was, Ofc Ganesh and he definitely didn’t care about Raavan’s threats with Dad, Uncle and Teekhi Mirchi on his side.

He puts it down and when Raavan returns, he turns into Hulk x 100. Screaming he beats up Brahmin Boy, but that’s Ganesh so he can’t really do much harm.

Vishnu then uncovers the sky, a chirpy daylight blue, and Raavan realizes he’s been tricked for the third time.

# Fool me thrice, I go loco.

So he begins roaring and stomping trying to uproot the Atmalinga from the ground. Ofc he can’t, but those pecs are quite A-grade as he manages to break off pieces and scatter them all around South-India.

These magic pieces then sprout into majestic temples.

Not satisfied yet, he tears off the case, covering, lid and cloth and throws them in namely Sajjeshwara,  Guneshwara (now Gunavanthe) and Dhareshwara,and finally Murudeshwara.

And that sons, is how the Murudeshwara temple was born.

In addition to the Second Largest statue of Lord Shiva in the world it also has a tiny statue of Raavan(tiny, golden man at the left bottom of the picture), a consolation prize for keeepin’ the spirit on inspite of so much trickery and heavy-duty politics.









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