5 things you must not.

Yes you will prowl multiple websites, looking to plan every single detail of your very anticipated/expensive/happening/once in a lifetime Goa trip.

We at GoaBL decided to give you the lowdown on what you really need to know- How not to make a fool of yourself. Do not

Dress Stupid at Beaches:


It’s a freakin’ beach so no jeans, heels, suits, 10 pounds of make-up or the sand and salt-water will lay waste to the excessive layers of clothing/accesories that you so painstakingly donned. At the same time no nudity. Keep your crown jewels out of sight lest you end up in jail. Also travel light. Enjoy the beach not your laptop.

Gawk at women(or men for that matter):


Yes they look hot, and wear bikinis/teeny trunks and the firangs have Aryan, angular features. That does not mean they don’t mind you clicking pictures of them, leering or worse asking them to be “Fraands” with that suggestive look in your eye.

Go overboard with substance abuse-


Just cause alcohol’s cheap don’t guzzle a whole barrel. Same goes for all those unmentionable powders, fumes and strips, you consume on the sly. If you’re too much of a nuisance, the locals will take ‘care’ of you. Also please don’t drive if you’re sloshed.

Get Duped-


It’s Goa and a lot of people are going to be out to loot you. Especially taxis. Your best bet is renting a scooty/car from a trustworthy dealer. Also avoid shady tour operators who will promise you the time of your life. Read travel blogs and honest reviewers(ahem us).


images (1).jpg

It’s a pretty place, let it stay so. Throw those broken beer bottes, skeletal fish bones, packets of wafers and other junk in the Bin. Not the sea/surroundings.







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