Unconventional in Goa aka UIG – Panjim

Countless clueless tourists will descend upon the soulless shores of Baga and Calangute and get packed away like stale tuna fish at the same ahem over-rated beach-shacks(Sshh now) this summer like every other.Now, I’m not saying that they will eventually cause the demise of all that is good in Goa. Or that they lack the general ability to navigate the watery shores of Goa, or that they lack the lust for adventure, but they kind of, sort of, do.


So, the powers that be in The Goan Bucket List’s team have decided that the first step in correcting all these miscarriages of justice – the very antithesis of the Goan spirit – a list of what’s what should be made. So, without any dalliance, lest the article be too long for your social media fragmented attention span, we decided to start with Panjim, the unfairly ignored beauty.


Fontainhas – Panaji’s Latin quarter feels like something out of the Cubist era, with its narrow streets and explosion of colours. Blame (thank!) the Portugese.Or you could wander about and click very posey pictures at The Our Lady of Immaculate Conception’s Church’s  baroque building. Maybe attend the Konkani daily sermon.


Jardim Garcia de Orta plays host to a plethora of live music every Sunday evening, much to the joy of its patrons.For the more history inclined, there are also a few walking tours of the strikingly beautiful capital of Goa. Or you could try figuring out things for yourself, you modern day being equipped with the powers of Internet.


In times gone past, the numerous forts in Goa served as an impregnable naval defense system. With the Portuguese eventually leaving the state, they have been turned into tourist attractions – not least for the magnificent view they offer.If you so pleased, you could take a ferry from Panaji  to Betim (pronounced bey-teeh) and go to Fort Reis Margos from there. It has been recently renovated, and offers a vantage point look out into the Mandovi, as well as Miramar and Panaji. It also houses an extensive collection of Mario Miranda cartoons.


Bet all your money at the floating casinos if you’re the ‘Live in the moment, YOLO BRO! types. If you win buy pretty things from the high-end boutiques all over town. Or invest. Or if the idea of so many things to do baffles your softy brain then eat. There’s an overwhelmingly large to be listed number of top class eateries in the capital city.

There is a lot more to Panjim but we aren’t going to spoon-feed you, get out their and wander you brainy meat sack with limbs.This list shall be continued for lots more locations in Goa, so stay tuned.

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