Ghostly Goa

Land of beaches,babes and booze they say.
More like Land of BOOOOO.
BOOOOO referring to the howl of the ghosts that roam this ancient Portugese state by the sea.
Here’s listing out 5 haunts of Goa’s favorite ghosts.

1. Three Kings Church

Three Portugese kings once were heirs
One poisoned the other two and then himself. It’s said their spirits still roam the church.
Breathtaking hilltop view from here, come here if you dare.

2. D’Mello House.
Damn there’s a lot of murdering brothers in Goa.
Story:One brother kills the other over property dispute.
Dead brother’s ghost returns and screams in despair for eternity.

3. NH17
Here’s some advice for you. Don’t carry meat while you’re riding on the NH17, Goa highway.
Or evil witches will come and steal it from you.
Or that’s what said to have happened to a man and his wife. Local warnings, you know.

4.Borim Bridge
It’s midnight and you’re driving through Borim Bridge listening to Stairway to Heaven/Highway to Hell.
What’s next?
The ghost of a mad woman jumps off the bridge in front of you.
What’s worse?
She might end up in the backseat of your car.

5.Igorchem Dam
Salaulim Dam is pretty, Igorchem Dam is sinister.
Weird fact:The ghosts here come out in the afternoon, 2-3 pm. If you walk through this place evil spirits will possess you.
First time I’m hearing of ghosts that like having fun in the sun.

Anyways guys here’s a list of scary places.
If you believe in ghosts great, stay away/get haunted.
If you don’t, go explore and laugh about how you debunked a myth/saw a ghost.

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