Suko and the secrets of the best-selling chorizos.

If there’s one thing quintessentially Goan, it’s the famous Goan pork sausages or chorisos. These fiery little red cylinders are packed with tangy pork meat. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere in the world. It is the perfect product of the confluence of the East and the West. In a quiet lane of Goa, Velha, … More Suko and the secrets of the best-selling chorizos.

Of politics, Raavan and Teekhi Mirchi – Murudeshwara Temple.

Ravana, ten headed king of Lanka who overstepped his bounds quite often, caught himself in a pickle once. It began with him trying to butter up Lord Shiva, with prayers and devotion, of-course much like Gen-Sec sucking up to Prez, there was a hidden agenda. AKA immortality through obtainment of Atma-Linga. Naradamuni, aka Teekhi Mirchi … More Of politics, Raavan and Teekhi Mirchi – Murudeshwara Temple.

UIG-Fast food

You came to Goa for coastal coconut curry, but the oily aftertaste of that last McDonald’s happy meal still lingers on your tongue. Worry not, GoaBL delivers the remedy. The best junk fare Goa has to offer will leave McDonalds or whatever crying an ocean. So here goes- 1. Burgers Any bad boy from Burger … More UIG-Fast food

Arambol of the Hippies

It’s a common experience that most people who visit Arambol the first time, just shake their head in disapproval going, “What’s so special? It’s just another sandy, blue waves beach.” That’s because they haven’t seen what’s worth it yet. A couple days here and lo behold they go, “Bro, definitely check out Arambol.” Here’s why … More Arambol of the Hippies

UIG – Islands.

Goa over Ibiza anyday. Cause if Ibiza is an island, we have 17 islands here. Of which we at GoaBL handpicked 5 best ones for when you’re done with the beach-hopping 1. Chorao Island The largest island in Goa. Catch the Pomburpa/Ribandar free ferry near Panjim to get here. An idyllic village you can load … More UIG – Islands.

Ghostly Goa

Land of beaches,babes and booze they say.
More like Land of “BOOOOO”.
“BOOOOO” referring to the howl of the ghosts that roam this ancient Portugese state by the sea.
Here’s listing out 5 haunts of Goa’s favorite ghosts. … More Ghostly Goa